5 Web Design Trends to Watch Out For in 2019

With technological advancements, websites have become smarter with the use of subtle interactions and using machine learning. These have caused a paradigm shift in web design trends as is visible in the advertisements we see in 2019.

Here are some features of web design London that we see in various promotional literature this year:

  • Fast-Loading Pages

This is an important feature of web design in 2019. It will assume more importance when you add tons of video to your website content. By reducing image size and redirects, you can achieve faster loading pages.

Other ways of loading pages faster are to add apps on your pages and reducing the amount of script you put on them.

  • Mobile Design

The accent on mobile phones has been in vogue for some time, but this year it has increased. In 2018, it began when Google stated that SEO of websites could improve if they had the faster-loading mobile design. Clients worked on it, and so did designers, and they still do.

Now, more than ever visitors can be seen on mobile devices. Now, the mobile design goes far beyond SEO, having a responsive design, or fast-loading pages. Now, the demand is for pages to be easily and quickly readable and the design to be outstanding on mobile devices.

  • Chatbots

With the introduction of Artificial Intelligence in 2019, one of the chief trends of web design for 2019 is the emergence of chatbots. They help consumers get help on a company website without feeling the need to speak to a fellow human being.

If chatbots can do the necessary handholding while a customer browses through a site without intimidating visitors, it could be a great feature to have on websites that also give higher conversion rates.

  • Animation, Not Videos

Though videos will continue to enjoy being a prominent part of web content and design in 2019, it might have to make just a little room for the animation to make sites that much more engaging. Any web design company London with its eye on the latest trends will be aware of this.

  • Minimalistic Design

Simple and uncluttered website design is one of the top trends of 2019. A typical page should have a lot of white space, and certainly, only one call to action or visitors may be confused. Strong but potent headlines offset by never-before design are some of the outstanding elements of web design for 2019.


If you avidly explore websites, perhaps you’ll find some of these elements in their web designs. There are many more tips that make up the trends for 2019. As you check them out, you’ll find out what they are.

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